MV Proteus Dive Spot in Miami

In early 1985, the MV Proteus was a derelict eyesore on the Miami river. A group of local divers started a grass roots campaign to turn the MV Proteus into a new dive site for the artificial reef program.

The group was spear headed by the area branch manager for the National Association of Dive Instructors (NAUI). To mark it's 25th anniversary, NAUI generously donated to the project and with additional local fund raising, the derelict vessel was acquired.

Volunteers cleaned and prepared the vessel to become a dive site. A sixty foot depth range was chosen to allow divers of all experience levels to enjoy the site.

On a bright sunny day in January 1985 the vessel was towed to her final resting place. The Miami-Dade bomb squad set charges at critical locations and retreated a safe distance. With a cadre of spectator vessels and news crews watching, the charges were detonated . . .

Explosions erupted and the Proteus began her decent to the bottom . . . One last gasp and she sank beneath the surface.

A brass plaque on the superstructure proclaims NAUI's dedication to education and diver safety.

MV Proteus quickly acquired a population of critters. The vessel sat upright on the bottom and was a comfortable dive destination. She saw many dive students, novices and old friends returning for a visit.

On August 24, 1992 Hurricane Andrew, with winds gusting over 160 mph and a huge tidal surge, ripped the Proteus in half and partly buried her stern. Andrew's tremendous force slammed into the outer reefs expending much of her force prior to reaching the shallow reefs. Probably because of her shallow depth, the Proteus was not demolished like the Blue Fire which rests in 100 feet of sea water. She is now a true "wreck" and a dive which can support all sorts of inventive stories.

mv proteus

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